Everything about dipole antenas

For the people who are not familiar with technical devices, it is important to know the way a dipole antenna function and its basic characteristics. You may not know it, but many families have used it in their homes, including you. Probably this is the most known antenna. Most of the times this is used alone, and not together with other antennas. Advantages of building one are its easy to install and build. The whole calculation process is quite interesting and easy, but if someone goes into deeper uses, things can get really complicated.
As the name of it says, it has 2 poles, that let the radio frequency flow through them easily. Because of the current and the voltage, the radio signal is radiated. This way the antenna can be connected to the feeder. The current will be distributed sinusoidal with this type of antenna. A cycle is consisted of low and high values. While this is the pattern of current, the voltage flow will be different. The cycle will consist of a middle value and a maximum one.

The uses of the dipole antenna are various as the most common applications range from the household to military bases. The most common use regards the TV antenna. If you never seen one (check the picture), it is distinguished by its two opposite loops. The lenght and the angle of each loop influence the quality of the radio signal received. An alternative to this is the folded dipole antenna. Mainlly used to receive FM band. Each tip it is folded and they almost reach each other at the feed point. It receives best the one wavelengths. They are not sophisticated but they work out perfectly.

Another type of dipole antenna is the one named whip. It is actually a monopole and it covers only half of a normal dipole one. The dipoles are considered to be more efficient than the whips. But the whip needs less space in order to function in the proper manner. For dipole antennas it is common the use of towers. Around the country there are many such towers that have dipole antennas on them. The military use more than one on their towers. In many cases there are more than one in use and they have special dedicated frequencies. As it is with any other technology, there are imporvements that are made even to this simple one.

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